Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer is ensuring that you money and assets are passed on to your beneficiaries smoothly and tax effectively. If you die without clear instructions in a regularly updated will you can leave a huge burden on your family who will have to sort out the mess. This can cause long delays, expensive legal fees, disputes between beneficiaries, split families and a large tax bill. You only need to look at the newspapers to see the results of many high profile people who die without a properly drafted and updated will.

We always recommed that our clients see their lawyer and discuss these issues. We work with your lawyer to discuss your financial situation and communicate any potential issues that we can forsee. If you dont have a lawyer that specialises in estate planning then we can refer you to one. We also review your superannuation beneficiary nomination. It is common for new clients to have many super funds with differing or no beneficiary nominations. You dont want to leave it all to an ex husband or ex wife by mistake.

There is also the issue of tax and estate planning. Very few people understand what the tax implications may be in their own estate or the estate of their parents. There are tax implications on superannuation funds and allocated pensions when the member dies. Good advice and pre-planning will help ensure that your estate can transfer to your choice of beneficiaries tax effectively. We can work with your accountant and lawyer to ensure you are properly advised.

Our regular client reviews ensure that we keep up with your changing circumstances and those of your beneficiaries. When circumstances occur that may have implications for your will or your estate we can flag the issue for further review as required

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