Pre-Retirement Planning

If you are 10 years or less from your desired retirement age then it is time to do some pre-retirement planning. A well planned retirement is having an income each month that allows you to live the lifestyle you want for as long as you live. We can help pre-retirees answer questions like these:

  • how much do I need in investments and super to meet my income needs in retirement?
  • is my current super and contributions going to get me there?
  • how can I get more money into super?
  • if I salary sacrifice more to super, how will it affect my income?
  • I have heard about "transition to retirement", what is it and is it right for me?
  • is my current fund and investment strategy appropriate?
  • will I get the full age pension?
  • will I qualify for any age pension?
  • what can I do now to maximise my age pension when I get there?
  • I have an investment property, should it be inside my super fund?
  • should I be using a self managed super fund?
  • I want to work part time in retirement, can I still get some age pension or funds from my super?

The truth is that the sooner you know how you are tracking toward your retirement goal the better. We can look at your total financial position and using conservative assumptions model your financial position at retirement. Knowledge is power in planning for retirement as it enables early intervention if required. Many clients also get a pleasant surprise when the find out they are on track for a retirement lifestyle they can look forward to. If not, then we can help you to apply some strategies and get on track.

If you need some help in this area then dont hesitate to contact us.

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