Debt Structuring

What is debt structuring?

Paying off your debts as soon as possible is a goal many people share. The question is: What is the best way for you to do it ? Paying off personal debt and using debt as a strategy to create wealth requires the correct structure. 

Getting the right structure means getting the answers to some of these questions: 

  • Should I choose fixed or variable interest rates or a combination?
  • What term should I fix for?
  • Can I make my interest tax deductible?
  • How should I structure my repayments to minimise my interest?
  • Should I use a Line of Credit?
  • Am I better off adding to my super or paying off my mortgage?
  • Can I use my super to pay off my mortgage?
  • Should I borrow to invest in property or shares?
  • What is negative gearing?
  • Can my super fund borrow to invest?
  • What is debt recycling?

We are not a bank or mortgage broker and we do not arrange the loan product for you. We can refer you to a broker if you wish or we can instruct your broker or banker in regards to the appropriate structure for your needs. Because your circumstances will change, we normally provide debt structuring advice as part of our initial advice and ongoing financial review service.

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